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What is link building and why is it important

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What is link building and how it is done?

In the simplest of words, link building is basically getting a link for your website on another website as in there will be a hyperlink on a website that will lead to your website and this technique is crucial in digital marketing as it is really effective in terms of search engine optimization.

Link building is something that is not new and has been going on since 1998 when Google started to become popular and people had to compete for space on its results.

Link building is done by search engine optimization experts who convince other important websites as to why they should include a link to your website on their page and how it would also benefit them and you too.

Why is link building important?

Link building is important due to various reasons and the first one is a simple one and that is so because the algorithm of Google will rank you way higher if your website is linked to different websites that already have a strong reach and have a strong presence in the online world and it is like that because getting links from these websites is like endorsements and that improves your credibility and in turn Google will rank you higher in the search results.

Another reason why it is important is because the internet is an open marketplace with a lot of businesses and it is very hard to get noticed and so every website has to fight for its space and using link building can actually improve your outreach results and also results in increased organic traffic. It is a technique that is usually applied with other digital marketing techniques.

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